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Jelly Powder 100 gr Pomegranate

.With Farmand Pomegranate Jelly Powder , No need to spend hours preparing desserts for a party when you can prepare jiggly desserts and drinks

Jelly Powder 100 gr Watermelon

Farmand watermelon jelly powder, with natural fruit flavor, is a delicious dessert for entertaining guests. Farmand jellies with attractive gelatin texture and delicious watermelon smell are what make everyone fall in love with them.

Glitter Dessert Powder 100 gr Pomegranate

Farmand Pomegranate Wreath Dessert is a bright and delicious dessert that is produced with the best formulation under the supervision of professional experts. With a delicious wreath dessert, anyone of any age can enjoy its pleasant taste and shine without worry.