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Gallardo Tablet Orange Chocolate 80 gr

Gallardo orange dark chocolate is real chocolate with orange core; When it melts in your mouth, it will surprise you with the good taste and smell of orange. Gallardo is a high-quality chocolate with the best raw materials, which is produced under the supervision of experienced professionals to create professional moments for you.

Gallardo Tablet Dark Chocolate 60% 80 gr

Gallardo's 60% dark chocolate is a real chocolate that creates a unique taste

Gallardo Dark Tablet Chocolate 80gr 83%

Gallardo 83% dark chocolate, real chocolate made from cocoa butter. Gallardo chocolate is a good choice for people with a healthy diet. By trying this professional chocolate, we will fall in love with chocolate more than before.

Gallardo Tablet Milk Chocolate 80 gr

Gallardo milk chocolate is a professional chocolate with a combination of milk and cocoa butter that creates a professional moment for you.