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Regalo Choco Dragee with coffee beans 30 gr

Regalo with coffee beans and cocoa coating is an exciting product that hides a coffee bean in the heart of each bean.

Puppet in Sachet

With Puppet cocoa dragees, have moments as sweet and colorful as Puppet seeds for children.

Regalo Crispy Choco Dragee 30 gr

Cocoa dragee with crispy nuts, a delicious snack that, in addition to its good taste, is always and everywhere with you.

Regalo Choco Dragee with Nuts 30 gr

Regalo with nut core and cocoa coating, a different snack that accompanies you wherever you are.

Regalo Mint Flavor Chocosmart 40 gr

Regalo Nana cocoa dragee, with the combination of the sweet taste of chocolate and the coolness of mint, is a delicious and tasty treat that you can always take with you everywhere.