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Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 200gr

Farmand hazelnut breakfast chocolate with a combination of pure cocoa and first-class hazelnuts is a pleasant and safe choice for breakfast or a snack that gives you the real and delicious taste of chocolate. The creamy texture and tempting concentration of Farmand breakfast chocolate will undoubtedly make anyone more He has always loved chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Spread 200gr

Farmand Dark Hazelnut Breakfast Chocolate is a motivation for any snack. High-quality chocolate with first-class hazelnut flavor and specialized formulation is the popular food that makes every meal more attractive than before.

Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Spread 200gr

Farmand's hazelnut-milk breakfast chocolate with the best hazelnut quality will give you energy and a smile of satisfaction will appear on your lips after tasting it. Hazelnut-milk breakfast chocolate with attractive creamy texture and amazing combination of milk and hazelnut will make you love chocolate more than ever.

Sesame Chocolate Spread 200gr

Farmand Sesame Breakfast Chocolate, with the combination of chocolate and sesame, is a healthy and delicious food made from the highest quality raw materials. Enriched with love, this product will make anyone fall in love with chocolate more than ever.