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Chocolate syrup

Farmand's delicious sauces make anything that is added more attractive, heartier and tastier. Farmand chocolate sauce is made from 100% pure Dutch cocoa powder and specially formulated by Farmand chocolate experts to make it easier than ever to make a delicious dessert and snack.

Caramel syrup

Farmand's delicious sauces, with their variety of flavors and thick and lovely texture, are a delicious seasoning for desserts, drinks or all snacks. In addition to good quality, easy and convenient use, one of the most important features of Farmand's delicious sauces is that this product is better than before. has done.

Mango syrup

Farmand mango sauce turns an ordinary dessert into an attractive and delicious dessert in the blink of an eye. This delicious Farmand sauce with its delicious taste and pleasant taste reminds you of the taste and freshness of mango in any situation.

Strawberry Syrup

Farmand's strawberry sauce transforms an ordinary dessert into a hearty dessert with fresh fruit flavor. Farmand products by the expert team, with first-class raw materials and special formulation, will help you to have a delicious strawberry-flavored dessert.