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Chocolate Caramel Dessert Powder

Farmand chocolate cream, an easy dessert and chocolate that we only need milk to make. With this Farmand product, you have a delicious home-made dessert with a chocolate flavor with a soft and velvety texture to serve your guests.

Pudding Powder 125gr Cocoa

Formand chocolate pudding powder, a chocolate dessert with a creamy and delicious texture that you simply cannot pass up. Fermand pudding powder with the best raw materials and under the supervision of skilled experts provides you with a unique dessert.

Pudding Powder 125gr Vanilla

Farmand vanilla pudding powder is a delicious dessert that will make everyone fall in love with its creamy and delicious texture by tasting a spoonful. Farmand pudding powder with the best formulation makes it possible for you to make a delicious dessert.

Glitter Dessert Powder 100 gr Pomegranate

Farmand Pomegranate Wreath Dessert is a bright and delicious dessert that is produced with the best formulation under the supervision of professional experts. With a delicious wreath dessert, anyone of any age can enjoy its pleasant taste and shine without worry.

Creme Caramel Powder 70gr

Farmand caramel cream is a quick and delicious homemade dessert that makes everyone fall in love with its velvety and soft texture. This quick and easy dessert with the best quality will impress everyone at the table.

Pudding Powder 125gr Strawberry

Farmand strawberry pudding powder, a delicious product that makes possible the dreamy taste of strawberry with the creamy texture of pudding in one dish. This unique product is produced under the supervision of skilled experts with the best raw materials and is placed next to your colorful and glazed table.