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Red Velvet Cake Mix


Double Chocolate Cake Mix


Cocoa Cake Mix


With Farmand chocolate cake powder, you have a chocolate cake with an attractive spongy texture and a delicious chocolate smell that you will enjoy and make others fall in love with chocolate. Farmand cake powder with decorative package inside the box will help you to have a delicious cake with professional decoration.

Banana Cake Mix

With Farmand banana cake powder, you will have a fresh and tasty slice as a snack with your cup of tea. Of course, Farmand banana cake powder, with the decorative package inside the box, helps us to have professional decoration in addition to beauty.

Orange Cake Mix

Farmand orange cake is one of the delicious and tasty cakes, which becomes more popular when the orange season starts, in autumn and winter. With Farmand's orange cake powder and the decorative package inside the box, we will have a delicious cake with a soft and spongy texture as well as a professional decoration.

Vanilla Cake Mix

With Farmand vanilla cake powder, we can easily prepare a delicious and easy vanilla-flavored cake at home and enjoy its spongy texture and freshness.